Listening . . . that is my secret for finding your personal design style. I listen for what brings you joy. I focus on finding your “wow.” I tune in to what makes you, you. 

For me, life is an opportunity to listen. Attuned to what’s being said and what is not being said, I’ve attained the tools and wisdom to navigate the often overwhelming process of design and implementation. Through our mutual communication, you reveal valuable information, which, together, we craft into remarkable spaces that fulfill your dreams. From aesthetics, to function, to process, I tend to your needs on this journey of co-creation. 

I know that good communication is the key to a successful outcome of our collaboration. Acting as your advocate, I orchestrate the team interaction, between client, architect (optional) contractor(s) and/or vendors/craftspeople. I particularly enjoy facilitating the balance between all parties while prioritizing your needs and desires.